Factor Captor!

Here’s a fun way to learn about factors and practice multiplication facts.  You can play online here (and read the full rules) or draw the grid and use x marks or markers to cover the numbers as you use them.  Basically, you take turns picking numbers and then your opponent gets points for all of the numbers that are factors (that have not been taken already).  If she misses any, you get those points too.  You can’t pick a number that has no factors left or you lose your turn.


I pick 25.  I get 25 points.

You mark 5 and 1 because they are the only factors of 25 besides itself (1×25=25, 5×5=25).  You get 6 points.  You pick the next number and pick 27.

I mark 9 and 3, since they are the only factors of 27, so I get 12 points.  I mark 29.  Oops!  I lose my turn because there are no factors of 29 left on the board (1 is taken already and I’m marking 29).

And so on.  Play continues until there are no eligible numbers left, and then the players add up their points.

You have to be careful, since some numbers have so many factors they add up to more points than the number itself (like 30, which gets your opponent 42 points!).

There’s division, multiplication, addition and strategy.  And it’s just fun.  🙂

This would be a great “stuck in the waiting room” game or a good game to play on the back of a paper placemat to stay busy in a restaurant too!

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