Jack has been playing math games on the computer.  There are so many wonderful free sites with neat stuff.   (I just clicked on the games tag here to find a couple of good sites this morning, plus he did CyberChase games at PBS kids.)

Anna woke up at 6 a.m. ready to take on the day.  Alex woke up at 6 a.m. ready to take on the day.  Anna took Alex outside for an hour so Daddy and I could sleep in.  Sweet!

Victoria and I played Factor Captor (see yesterday’s entry) and she beat me.  Anna and I played yesterday and Victoria and I also played last night.  This is a really fun way to memorize math facts and practice mental addition!

Daddy took Alex and Anna to Windom for supplies, since I took the girls Tuesday and broke down when we were nearly there.  I promised Anna that Daddy would get her an ice cream cone as a thanks for all the times she watched Alex today.

Daddy and Jack made refrigerator pickles last night from farmstand cukes we got down the road.  Alex gobbled half of them up and Jack has been madly munching the raw cucumbers we had leftover.  He made me promise to get more cukes ASAP.  It turns out he loves them.  I can handle that!

We all have been harvesting our first garden tomatoes this week (mostly cherry tomatoes), along with lots of raspberries.  I love it when my kids can snack from the back yard.

Victoria and I did a math exam today from some school site.  It was partly fun, partly nervewracking (very creative questions!) and partly depressing.  I am supposed to be up here googling how to find the prime factorization of 240 using exponents, but I forgot and I think I’m going to go down and invite Victoria and Jack to go play badminton.

It’s a beautiful summer day.  Math can wait.  🙂


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