We finally got the kids in to the doctor today, after deciding that the wait-it-out approach with lots of rest, healthy food, fluids and care wasn’t cutting it.

The verdict:

Alex– sinus infection

Anna– swimmer’s ear, upper respiratory infection

Victoria– double ear infection, sinus infection

I’ve been sick too, but I’m too cheap (I mean frugal!) to get an appointment for myself.  I’m thinking a lot of garlic is in my future.

The pic of Alex is from last week, BTW, and he doesn’t look nearly so pitiful now.  He barely stopped tearing around the exam room long enough to be examined today, though he was eventually very cooperative (turns out he loves to say aaaah!).  It took a fever of over 103 to get him to lie down last week and pose so pitifully.  This week he has been saying ow and pointing to his nose and face a lot, though, poor boy.

Science for the week is going to revolve around terms like swimmer’s ear, sinuses and respiratory.  The doctor said we’re still cleared for camping this weekend, though. Daryl’s supposed to be teaching the atlatl at a rendesvous.

A smarter family would probably slow down, huh?


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