Emergency Rooms, Camping and Moonlight Badminton

Oh my goodness, what a crazy few days!  I had a severe allergic reaction to amoxycillin and ended up in the emergency room, then after a whirlwind day of lab tests and doctor visits we decided to go camping anyway to the Lake Benton rendesvous & knap-in.  After a whirlwind (and very clammy!) night and day there, we broke camp and came home in the afternoon just in time to miss the thunderstorm, hail and possible tornado.

By evening we were all pretty sick and weak so Daryl got frozen pizza and ice cream for supper.  I tossed one filthy little boy in the bath and another in the shower, read some picture books, got a toddler to sleep, negotiated a healthy alternate dinner for one troublesome girl who didn’t want pizza but wanted ice cream, started on the dirty laundry, blogged on Magical Childhood, chatted with the neighbor, dosed everybody up with the nighttime meds (3 out of 4 of the kids are on something for various ailments!) and played a late-night game of badminton in the dark with Victoria.  Daryl got blinking birdies that make for a very surrealistic badminton experience!  🙂

I’ll blog properly tomorrow.  It’s miserably hot, I’m tired and I still have 3 kids who have not succombed to sleep.  It’s pretty crazy around here, even for us!


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