10 Fun Ways We've Learned and Played Lately

Here’s a bit of what we’ve been up to in between illnesses, arguments, emergency room visits and general craziness.  🙂  This will be a very camping-intensive entry!

  1. Home-Ec: We made homemade ice cream with all different recipes and inclusions.  We used whole milk, whipping cream and half and half to compare the differences in fat contents.  We used egg recipes and eggless.  One of our favorite recipes was one we dreamed up using our frozen strawberries from strawberry picking.  We microwaved a bunch of them and used the resulting strawberry juice, mashed strawberries and whole milk, vanilla and sugar.  It tasted somewhat like sherbert and was much lower in fat and calories but one of the tastiest recipes. 
  2. Nature Studies: Jack caught a cute little frog and hung out with him for a while. 
  3. Math: Shopped for polished rocks for 3 for $1 for souveniers and other goodies.  We figured out what exact change we’d need to get a big jug of honey ($5) and honey blackberry jam ($4) to leave in the drop box on the way home from camping.  Can I just add that you should travel to this intersection near Marshall, MN, just to get yourself some of this local honey and jam? 
  4. Science: The dad from this neat homeschooling family taught Jack how to crack a whip and to know how fast it was going (742 mph I think!  I should look it up or ask the kids before posting it!) since it was fast enough to break the sound barrier!  He also showed the kids how he could snap the whip around them and it wouldn’t hurt at all, since only the very tip stings.  Talk about a leap of faith! 
  5. Physical Education: The kids hiked up and down the big hill by our campsite with friends.  They also threw with atlatls and helped teach others how to do it.   
  6. Survival Skills: We had a bear of a time getting a fire started since the air was so humid and the wood (which they provide for free, along with the free camping for this event) was still wet.  While we usually have good luck with the tipi method of fire starting, the log cabin design worked better this time.  The kids gathered dry bits of pine branches for kindling and we used that with scrap paper and lots of blowing to slowly build two wonderful fires (one Friday night and one Saturday morning).   I’m glad the kids are learning to build fires when they’re young.  I was grown before I ever learned how!
  7. Art: We supported the arts by commissioning our very own crayon caricature of the four kids at the world’s best price ($5 per person!) and got to watch him work.  We love it!
  8. History: We talked to these ladies who were spinning wool from their own sheep and learned what materials were used to dye all the types of yarn (they were all natural, some made with bark and other interesting materials).  We also watched these folks get into an argument and a shoot out right before the corn boil started.  Those gunfighters squabble over the smallest things!  It ended with one poor chap on the grass with his distraught lady friend wailing next to him.  Later on, Annie Oakley and her husband were set to appear and do some pretty neat things with rifles but we packed up and left before she showed up (we care more about approaching thunderstorms than Annie Oakley, I’m afraid).
  9. Strategy & sportsmanship: We played Swap in the shelter, which was partly great fun and partly crazy-making (Alex tried to climb on tables, Jack quit in a huff when he was nearly out and someone got to swap cards with him…) but it was mostly fun! 
  10. Fun! We saw old friends and made new ones, had treats, listened to music, played ball and blinking badminton, read magazines, roasted marshmallows and enjoyed beautiful scenery once again. 

7 thoughts on “10 Fun Ways We've Learned and Played Lately

  1. It looks like you had a marvelous time. I would love to have talked with the ladies who were spinning wool. That would of been a lot of fun.

    I am 34 and I still do not know how to start a fire. I guess next camping trip I will get dh to teach me. 🙂


  2. My kids learned how to throw the atlatls when we went to Hooverfest. They had a bunch of fun and have plans to make some in a few weeks. Looks like you had great fun learning!


  3. Oh, they’ve known since they were old enough to walk. 🙂 Daryl teaches people how to throw the atlatl and that’s one reason we go to that rendesvous every year. We set up our targets and have a pile of atlatls and darts for people to come use. Daryl makes atlatls and darts (which look like spears) for historic sites and people all over. It is fun!


  4. Kez, that’s rock candy! It’s basically just crystallized sugar on a stick, only tinted with blue and flavored with cotton candy flavor this time. We keep meaning to make some (plain) for a science experiment. Perhaps you guys could if it’s hard to find around your parts. 🙂


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