Home Again, Home Again…

We’re back from a mostly wonderful, fabulous time camping!

We got to see new friends and old, played lots, talked lots, ate lots and had mostly wonderful weather.  It was a wee bit cold Monday night but the weather Monday and Tuesday was just ideal — sunny but not too hot with a nice breeze.

Tuesday night our luck ran out and after bedtime we got very, very wet!  We had a little rain, and then more, and then thunder and lightning, and then more rain and more until morning.  We got a reprieve long enough for Daryl to build a roaring fire and then the neighbor came and told us an even bigger bunch of rain was coming soon!  We broke camp as quickly as we could, but the last half hour or so was in the pouring rain.  🙂

Ah well.  We had fun anyway, and at least it waited until the end of the party!

It was great fun meeting a friend I’ve known online for years and years but had never met in person, and very neat to finally meet her children too.  We also got to meet some friends’ new baby daughter and see their sons again, plus the fabulous Tiffany and her fabulous kids came along too.

We also got ourselves a little welcome home present…

Some people never learn!  😉  We’re still working on names for her.

Random homeschool things that happened…

  • Daryl showed the kids some Native American constellations and we saw a couple of shooting stars.
  • We counted seconds between lightning and thunder to determine how far away the storm was and whether it was getting closer.
  • April brought necklaces, seashells and beach glass from St. Lucia (they lived there for two years) and we talked about where it was.
  • Tiffany shouted out random quiz questions to determine marshmallow roasting order.  <G>
  • Daryl taught some of the kids how to throw an atlatl.
  • The kids got to sing karaoke when Jack and Daryl befriended a guy who ended up moving his camper so he could be next door to us and then set up his $23,000 karaoke equipment (turns out he does this for a living) and sang all day and night!  Ahem.  Some of us were less than pleased but we finally realized we should find the humor and the fun in it and he really was a nice guy.  Daryl even sang me a love song and Victoria sang quite a few.  She loved it!  Anna was too shy and Jack was indifferent to the whole business.
  • We taught others how to identify stinging nettle and how to find burdock nearby to rub on your skin if you got stung (it is a natural antidote).  April’s kids taught my gang about “leaves of three” and some others to avoid.
  • The grown ups threw things onto the fire to see if any kitchen ingredients would affect the color.  It was April’s idea, since she heard that one (baking soda?) would affect the flame colors.  We tried sugar, flour, baking soda and one other.  Nothing seemed to affect the color much but the flour made it flash up and made little sparkles in it as larger clumps burned.  We figure we’ll duplicate the experiment with the kids sometime soon.  It was fun!  Since salt is supposed to douse fire, I think that would be a fun one to try in small amounts too.
  • We introduced each other to new foods, from re-hydrated shiitake mushrooms to sunbutter (a peanut free peanut butter substitute made from sunflower seeds).

Mostly we just enjoyed nature, played, talked and relaxed.

Victoria is down in Nebraska for another week with Tiffany’s family.  I miss her already but I know she’ll have a blast.

And now, I have a date with a real bed.  As fun as camping can be, a couple of nights of being cold and/or wet can really make you appreciate a nice soft, warm bed!


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