A Trip to a Vineyard!

Daryl took us on a surprise field trip yesterday.  He told me Saturday night that he was taking us someplace and I should perhaps wear a sundress.  It sounded good to me!  We drove about an hour and got to our destination — Fieldstone Vineyards!

Lately I have been interested in drinking wine with supper occasionally, and I know nothing about wine.  I’m a total wine idiot, and tend to prefer totally awful wines that cost a dollar and a quarter.  🙂  Since Daryl knows very little more about wine, he decided to try to find a Minnesota winery and found one that did taste testing and tours.

It was such fun!

Daryl paid for me to do the taste testing, which was $3 for over a dozen wines.  I was a bit loopy by the end!

(Forgive the awful photo quality but I had to use Daryl’s video camera for pictures since I lost my old one and the new one hasn’t arrived.)

One surreal element was that the owner really reminded me of Nicolas Cage!  It made the experience even more fun for me and he was a really nice guy.  He went into lots of detail about every element and ingredient and effect of each wine for me.  This one would “lay more evenly across the tongue” and this one would have a more woodsy after-effect.  Or something, since there was a lot to take in and I was drinking a lot of wine!

There wasn’t a whole lot for the kids to learn or experience, but he said they’ll harvest and go into production next month and they’ll do tours then.  We’re definitely going to come back for that!

And before we left, we had to pick out some wines.  I got “The Wine-ing Farmer” for myself since it was my favorite, and a good red wine that he said made a wonderful marinade or mushroom reduction.  I also got “Prairie Stone” as a gift for Tiffany and Rex.  It has locally grown strawberries in it too.  And the kids got to pick out lots of locally grown and bottled jams, jellies and a raspberry hot fudge sauce.  We’re not cracking them open until Victoria gets back from Nebraska but it’s quite hard to resist!

And lastly, I saw this T-shirt and told Daryl I had to have it.  Tiffany had told me she wanted to get me the same shirt last time I saw her, and it’s funny and sparkly and fun.  I love it!

Alex loves the jewels!  Me too, actually.  🙂

It was such a fun little time, and we followed it up with some fun for the kids.  But that’s another post!


4 thoughts on “A Trip to a Vineyard!

  1. Hey you, Morgan Creek vineyard near New Ulm has a grapestomp competition on their grounds in October….and there’s wine tasting….:o)


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