An Afternoon at Nancy's Farm

My oven thinks I ought to be more sociable.

Well, it ended up making me more sociable anyway, by blowing up on Saturday after I’d assembled one double batch apple crisp and tried to bake it. The element was kaput, which meant I needed to go be sociable with someone with an oven. Nancy has an oven! And she’s fun! So Sunday we played at Nancy’s.

Here’s some pics…

This is Logan.  He’s been friends with Anna since he was one year old.  He calls her on the phone about 85 times a day and they talk until the phone battery dies.

Jack didn’t think it was right at all that Logan just wanted to play pirates with Anna and not him, and that he lets Anna boss him around all she likes but he doesn’t want Jack to boss him around.  So he acted rotten for a while and then hung around with Miles.  Yes, he wore one knit glove.  He’s like that.

Alex just hung around with the cats.

He also avoided the birds, especially the peacocks since they like to sneak up behind him and scream.  It’s actually really funny.  Poor boy.  🙂  He does a mean peacock impersonation now, but they still give him the heebie-jeebies.

Okay, this isn’t a peacock, but I think it’s a quite impressive turkey and I thought he looked kind of picturesque against the laundry and the barbecue grill.

He has a good life.  Nancy is a vegetarian.

We also ate homemade Mississippi Mud Pie with fresh whipped cream and homemade fudge sauce, but there are no pictures because I was busy gobbling it up.

I love Nancy’s farm.  I’m still mad at my oven, but it was a really fun day.

PS  The oven is fixed and Daryl and the kids picked, peeled and sliced 20 more cups of apples.  There will be more apple crisp tomorrow.  Stop by!  🙂


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