Strawberry Applesauce

Chrissy asked for the recipe for the strawberry applesauce Victoria made the other day.  I just made it up last week and I tend to cook like a grandma (no measurements) so I hope this will do…

Strawberry Applesauce

Peel and slice a bunch of apples and put them in a pot.  Add about a cup of water for a large pot of apples (you can always add more if needed or cook it down if it’s too much!) and then toss in some strawberries * (frozen is fine, that’s what we use from strawberry picking this summer).  Add some sugar.  How much depends on how sour your apples and strawberries are and personal taste.  Start with a half a cup and add more as needed.  I think we used at least a cup, but we have tart apples.  **  Bring to a simmer and cook , stirring occasionally, till the fruit is very soft and the liquid is reduced.  Use a potato masher to mash it in the pan (or puree it later if you don’t like lumps).  Sweeten to taste.

This won’t keep long in the fridge since there are no preservatives, but it freezes well and it doesn’t last long here anyway.  We keep it in recycled jars.

* You could easily use other fruits you have on hand or in the freezer, too, like rhubarb or blueberries.

** I believe in making it absolutely perfectly sweet and tasty the first time to win kids over, and then if you want to reduce sugar do it slowly.  😉

One reason I like making strawberry applesauce is that natural homemade applesauce is somewhat brown and this makes it a lovely red or pink, depending on how many strawberries you use.



One thought on “Strawberry Applesauce

  1. One of my favorite things my grandmother used to make was a sauce of raspberries and rhubarb, with apples – it was so good, on ice cream or all by itself. I think I’ll give your version a try, as I have frozen strawberries, but no rhubarb or raspberry, and it sounds pretty darn good 🙂


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