A Bit of a Boxcar Day

Here in Minnesota every town has its own summer festival.  There’s Fun Days, Watermelon Days, Ableskevar Days, Bullhead Days, Bend of the River Days…  Saturday we went to nearby Tracy’s Boxcar Days.

We started out in the park, where there was a petting zoo set up and the kids got to feed and pet some fun animals.

Quick quiz!  Is this a llama or an alpaca?  Do you know the difference?  Leave your answer in the comments!  Answers tomorrow.  🙂

The zoomobile was there from the Sioux Falls zoo, too.  We got to pet this lovely chinchilla.

There was an ambulance to explore…

…and a fire engine to pose on.  First there were some tough guys.

Then there were some friendly ones.

And some silly ones!

Then we headed off with our friends Nancy, Troy and their boys to hit some garage sales!  Nancy, the kids and I walked from block to block, finding fun finds and great deals as we went.

Jack trailed behind, blowing bubbles.

Does life get any better than finding brand new, psychedelic blue, fake fur hats for you and your sister in the free box?  😉

With a free bejeweled jeans pocket purse too!

We found so many fabulous finds — great clothes, Melissa and Doug sound blocks, fantastically fun (and fancy) new bath products that fizzed and sparkled and dissolved, paints, knitting needles with yarn, Jump Start 5th grade, oodles of craft supplies and tons more.  Most of it was virtually new and virtually free.  Sweet!

We played at the park after that and headed home.  We didn’t go back for the carnival or the parade or the many other big tourist draws.  Truth be told, I think chinchillas, bubbles and fuzzy hats are even better.  😉


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