Pockets Heavy

We are a family of rock hunters.  Daryl introduced me to rock hunting when I was a stressed out 23 year-old friend of his.  Trust me, that was a long time ago.  🙂  I have loved it ever since and every one of our kids has inherited our love of rock hunting.

We were in heaven in the U.P.  Tourist season was over and we mostly had the beaches to ourselves.  The beaches in the U.P. are treasure troves for rock hunters.  They are full of the roundest, smoothest, prettiest, most interesting rocks you’re likely to find anywhere.  Fossils too, and if you’re very patient and look very hard, agates.

We came home every day with our pockets heavy with rocks and heavier with memories.

I love the simple life and stunning beauty of this sort of vacation.  What magic.

I’ll post zillions of pics and tell some stories soon (check out the Magical Childhood blog for lots of even prettier pics for now) but this one sums up the spirit of our trip.

Of course it doesn’t do it justice.  Nothing could.

Once again I am grateful for our oddball homeschool life together.  We could take this vacation in the middle of September, in the middle of the week, when rooms were low and tourists were gone.  And we could all lie on our bellies on beaches of rocks, scoop up warm sand, explore and enjoy and talk and learn and laugh and make memories together.

I’m exhausted and have so much to catch up on (and billion loads of laundry and a broken dryer!) but I had to sneak online and share that with my homeschooling friends.  I’m such a sap, but it’s true that this is the biggest reason I am so in love with homeschooling.  It’s the memories and moments like these that we get to load our pockets full of, that our children get to load their childhoods full of.

What could compare with that?


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