Another Busy Homeschool Month

I’m so sorry to have been MIA for so long!  Bad blogger!  We had a fabulous time in Nebraska and jumped back into mayhem upon our return with the news that our furnace wasn’t working (got that fixed), the porch roof was leaking (didn’t) and dirty laundry breeds like bunnies.

We have another insanely busy month coming up, but it should mostly be really fabulous stuff.

For instance…

  • The girls are attending a science conference for kids.  Victoria chose classes about the wilderness, building LEGO robots and chemistry experiments (specifically smelly ones!).  Anna chose a glow in the dark germ class, LEGO robots and one about inventing things.
  • While the girls are learning science, Jack gets to take part in a homeschool day at a fun place that will have laser tag, bowling and lots of other great activities.
  • Daryl and the girls are helping to run the Betsy Tacy exhibit at Mankato’s History Fest on Thursday and Friday.  They’ll dress up in period clothes and teach school kids how to play old fashioned games and such.  They get free admission and we all get to explore the absolutely amazing event that is History Fest both days, too.  It’s magic, people.  I wish every kid everywhere could attend or have one in his or her town.
  • Jack, Anna and Victoria all may start Tai Kwon Do this week or the next.  Anna’s friend Logan has joined and has convinced my kids to give it a try.  And it’s affordable.  Yay!
  • Jack, Anna and Victoria are all attending an art conference.  They each picked their own workshops to attend, from pottery to acting to cartoon drawing.  It’s run by the same people who sponsored the writers’ conference the girls attended last spring, which they loved.
  • There’s also an ongoing free art class at a Mankato college each Monday afternoon to train some teaching students.  That sounds really fun too, though it’s a long drive for us.  I’ll see if I can squeeze it in with other events!

Besides the big planned activities, the kids want to start lapbooking again, Victoria and I decided to do a daily craft time with the younger kids, we’re doing daily baking, there’s reading to each child and there are these little things like math and history that I have to sneak in.  🙂

Part of me really is longing for winter and snow days, but then I think of the 6 months of gray and white and kick myself.  I like busy much better than 40 below!


2 thoughts on “Another Busy Homeschool Month

  1. Hey Alicia, it’s Crystal from sioux falls, used to be on the SoDak list together. I was really excited to come across you in a homeschooling article at that I linked to from the Natural life mag. blog yesterday. Good to see you are doing well. I was wondering if you could give me more info on the science and art conferences you mentioned? Both sound like fun, for D, probably farther than I’d want to drive, but thought I’d check just in case. I saw you presented at the MHA conference too, I have gone to that every year for the last 3 and finally wasn’t able to go this year, bummer cuz I think I would have liked your presentation. The lapbooking thing looks like fun, I’ll have to read more about it. Glad I ran across you again 🙂


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