Upcoming Minnesota Conferences for Kids

Crystal asked for details about the conferences the kids are attending this month and I thought others might be interested.  Here’s more info:

The Fifth Annual SCSC Science & Nature Conference is being held at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter on Tuesday, October 27.  It’s for students in grades 3-9 and they can pick their classes (there are different options for different grade levels).  Each child attends the keynote and 3 other workshops.  The keynote presentation is “Fire and Ice” by Mad Scientist Colin Killbane.  The registration fee is $25 ($30 after October 20) and adult chaperones attend free.  More info here.

The Young Artists Conference at Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall is for kids from kindergarten to 8th grade.  It’s on Friday, October 23 and I couldn’t find a web page about it (we’re on the mailing list for their conferences) but there is an article about last year’s conference here.  Registration is around $45, I believe, and $10 for chaperones.  We took part in their Young Writers Conference last spring and the girls absolutely loved it.  You could contact the college for more information.

History Fest is this October 8-10.  While it’s not a conference, it is a fantastic event that brings history alive in a hands-on, fabulously fun way.  Here’s my post with billions of pictures from last year’s event.  The girls will be volunteering at the Betsy and Tacy exhibit Thursday morning and we’ll be there Thursday and Friday just enjoying ourselves.  History Fest is open to the public on Saturday and to school kids (homeschool, public and private) on Thursday and Friday.  The event is slightly different on school days and public days.  You need to register to attend on a school day.  There is a small admission fee (around $3).


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