Lunar Impact this Friday

If you and your kiddos want to get up very early on Friday there might be some neat stuff to view.  Here’s the details…

This Friday morning, Oct 9th, at approximately 4:30 am PDT, NASA’s LCROSS spacecraft and its Centaur booster rocket will plunge one after another into a shadowed crater near the Moon’s south pole. The spectacular double-impact will be shown live on NASA TV from the point of view of the LCROSS spacecraft.  Meanwhile, impact debris plumes emerging from the crater may be visible through backyard telescopes. North American sky watchers west of the Mississippi river are favored with darkness and good views of the Moon at the time of impact.  Visit SpaceWeather for observing tips and full coverage.


2 thoughts on “Lunar Impact this Friday

    • Oh thank you! I’m very honored! I will have to think hard if I’ve discovered 15 blogs lately! I’ve been so busy it’s been hard to remember my own. 😉 I’ll do my best!


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