10 Random Thoughts

I am pretty sure that I am the very last person in the house awake.  This is big news at 12:33 a.m. because we’re a family of night owls.  This also means that I should get to sleep myself ASAP because I am generally sleep deprived and only a fool would be up surfing the web and blogging when every last sleep-taker was tucked into bed.

Hmmm…. I’m afraid I may be a fool.  Okay, that’s probably not big news to anybody.

I just can’t rest when things feel undone.  Some things, anyway.  I can rest just fine when laundry, dishes, long division lessons, yardwork, paperwork or vacuuming remains undone.  But things just don’t feel right if I haven’t yapped in my regular yapping places.

So okay, here’s 10 really quick random thoughts, just to make things right.

  1. I have to find video of the rocket crashing on the moon to watch with the kids tomorrow.
  2. Victoria has been having me give her made up math problems to do for fun (like if there’s a 70% off sale on a $45 pair of jeans, how much are they, and how much do you tip at 15% on a $18 meal?).
  3. I got to hang out with a totally mellow buffalo the other day and sit and just pet him in the sun with my little guy.  Do you know how cool it is to just sit in the grass next to a buffalo and stroke his fur?  Really cool.
  4. We made masses of kool-aid playdough the other day for fun.  I need to remember to make homemade playdough at least once a week.  It calms and entertains the masses like very few other things.
  5. Our new brakes failed on a very steep hill in Mankato on Thursday.  Just for a minute, and then they worked, but badly.  And stank.  We passengers were not as aware of it at first as our poor driver, Daryl, who took us to Midas and found out some hose had been clamped too tightly.  They had hands-on displays about struts and shocks and we watched them lift the van into the air and work on it, to the delight of a certain small boy.
  6. Jack indignantly picked up an US magazine in the Midas waiting room and read the headline about Jon and Kate Gosslin, complete with some very long words.  He then announced that he would never watch again, not that he was ever a big viewer to begin with.  I was just impressed that he could read a word like infidelity.
  7. I paused “So You Think You Can Dance” tonight to tell the kids who Debbie Allen is and how it’s important to know cultural figures who made an impact in areas like dance just as it’s important to know about people like George Washington and George Washington Carver.  We ended up discussing the original “Fame” movie, George Washington Carver, peanuts, farming, slavery and more.  We are murder to watch a taped television show with.  😉
  8. I love the sounds of this experiment from Home Biology!  They tested various foods for fat and then for starches.  We have to try this!
  9. A groggy, half naked, (really cute) toddler just stumbled out of bed and into my lap.  Make that two people awake.  Taught me a lesson.  Ah well.
  10. Tomorrow I have to clean and clean and clean and clean and then do some laundry and then clean some more.  In between, I have to work on a puzzle, color, take a fall walk, call Grandma and tell her we left Harry Potter by the spare bed, clean some more and play and play with 4 deserving children.

It is now past 1 a.m. and I have a toddler to get back to sleep.  All feels right with the world though.  🙂


3 thoughts on “10 Random Thoughts

  1. #7 – I laughed at this because we are constantly pausing the Amazing Race or Britain’s Got talent to “discuss” stuff of interest!

    #8 – We’re doing a unit on human biology and I’ve had trouble finding good experiments that would work for all my ages (one junior high and three elementary). This looks fantastic!

    .-= Jennifer´s last blog ..Library Love =-.


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