5 Fun Ways to Learn This Week

Stuck in a homeschool rut yet?  Here’s 5 ways to have some educational fun with the kids this week….

1.  Play Nutritional Let’s Make a Deal. Take various foods and line the kids up at the table, game show style.  Give them each a pad of paper and a pen, and show them each food.  Have them write down their guesses for how much of something is in the product (how many calories, how many grams of sugar or fat, etc.).  The contestant who gets the closest without going over gets a little prize (a marble, a dragon’s tear, etc.).

2.  Make factor trees. Who knew division and prime numbers could be so fun?  Victoria loves doing these and I plan to start doing them with Anna this week too.  If you like, make colorful ones with colored paper circles like this or play online.

3.  Turn a favorite poem or fairy tale into a Mad Lib. Print out a poem or fairy tale and highlight most of the nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs.  Call out each category like “noun– person, place or thing” and “adjective — describing word” (specify things like numbers, animals and sound effects when possible, too) and write down what the kids answer.  Afterwards, read back your silly new version.

4.  Check up on the weatherman. Each day this week, watch the news or check the paper to see what the weather forecast is for the next day.  What’s the predicted high?  Will there be precipitation?  At the end of the day (or the next morning) check to see how close the forecast was to the weather.  If you like, figure out how far off the forecast was from the real result and assign grades.

5.  Have the kids make up timeline cards and invent a game with them. For instance, have each child find 10 important events and write the event on one side of the card and the date on the other.  See if they can scramble them all and put them in the right order.  (Thanks Tiffany for suggesting Chronology, which apparently does something like this and looks really cool!)


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