Back in Action

I’m back from my foray into the world of swine flu and feeling pretty darn good.  I still sound a bit frightening when I cough, but I feel absolutely human and am quite happy about that!

Yesterday I got a shipment of elderberries to make a flu-kicking syrup and Boiron children’s cold and flu remedies (Oscillo and some others.. click here for a PDF $1 off coupon).  I tried them both and while I was already finally feeling better, the difference was nearly immediate with the Oscillo and today I felt amazingly better and wonder if the elderberries gave me this final boost of health and strength.  No matter which product (or just good timing), I’m taking it.

(Full disclosure:  I got the Boiron stuff for free but if it didn’t work I’d say so and I’ve recommended it for years.)

Both boys have the flu now, but they’re handling it well.  I like to think it’s the doses of elderberry syrup and Oscillo, but maybe they’re just lucky or tough.  Jack (6) has been sleeping most of the time and he has a headache and fatigue plus a moderate fever.  Alex (2) has a higher fever and irritability but it’s not slowing him down.  He is still nursing and he has been power nursing, which means he’s probably getting my antibodies from having it.

Coming soon, 10 things we’ve been up to lately, swine flu and all.


7 thoughts on “Back in Action

  1. Hope you guys are all feeling better soon! It’s been through our house, and while everyone felt really rough for about a week……we all recovered.

    It’s certainly heavy here in MN. At least there will be no doubt in your mind that you will NOT need to get the vaccine haha 🙂 Guess there is always a brighter side.

    Rest up, drink lots of fluids, and hopefully we can see you guys next week! I have a few dozen eggs set aside for you guys also!

    (((HUGS))) Erica


  2. Glad to hear you’re on the mend and I hope your boys get thru it quickly! Scary how rampant it is right now. I hate to even go to the store!


  3. Have the oscillococcinum, but just got done ordering elderberries! Thanks for the heads up.

    I sure hope the boys get through this soon and you are all back to healthy again. What a rough time for you all!



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