Art Conference Recap!

The Young Artists Conference yesterday was a great experience.  Here’s a few highlights!

The keynote speaker’s topic was about the merits in asking dumb questions and how far it had taken him in life (he’s written the Suessification of Romeo and Juliet, a one act play that’s popular for  high schools to perform, plus lots of books and plays and other things).  The finale got the children cheering though:  he juggled a garden hoe, a magic 8 ball and chainsaw (ON!).

Jack’s classes were making a funny hat, clay sculpture and Digeridoo Dot Dance.  Here’s some pics…

This is one of the hands from the Wild Things movie!  His teacher worked on the animatronics for the movie.  The inside mechanisms have been removed, along with the talons.  This one was defective so they let him take it home, but the good ones were ultimately painted and everything.  The kids loved this!

Anna’s classes were an acting improv class, funny hat making (she didn’t sign up for it but she was assigned to it because pottery was full) and abstract watercolor (another that she didn’t sign up for, but a good one).

They apparently knew she was coming!  Check out the sign on the wall.  🙂

Victoria had a computer logo design class, watercolor pencils and acting.

The kids’ classes were spread among 6 classes on a college campus and I stayed with Jack most of the time, so I had a hard time getting pictures of the girls.  I ducked out and checked on them a couple of times.

Afterwards I picked up Alex and he accompanied me and the girls to the Fine Arts building.  I had passed some student art on the walls and told the kids we could see if anything inspired us to do at home.

It was a great day!


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