10 Random Thoughts

1.  The girls have a science conference in St. Peter tomorrow. We have to leave at 6:30 in the morning.  Whimper.

2.  Daryl gave Jack a dragon fraction problem today for fun and he rocked it. It was a magical recipe for dragons involving 80 of this, 4 of that and son on, but the challenge was to recalculate the recipe to make only 1 dragon.  He got every one right and then had him make up more.

3.  My dryer has been broken for a week and we won’t have a repairman till Wednesday. I’m tired of hanging clothes on the clothesline and hoping they don’t freeze overnight.  I’m still grateful to have a washer and dryer at all, though.  Decades of laundromats taught me that much.

4.  Victoria and Anna are both reading Harry Potter 5. The same copy.  You cannot imagine the battles.

5.  I’m in a homeschool rut. I have no desire to lead crafts, make lapbooks, read history, embark on nature walks, dream up educational games or in any way inspire brilliance.  I have no desire to even make my bed.  At some point the old me will kick in again, right?  Right?

6.  Alex is finally talking regularly. It took him long enough, but it sure is fun to finally hear some words from that boy.  Of course, we can still only understand 1/10th of them.  One of his favorite words seems to be “quark.”

7.  Jack got a gmail account. We send each other emails back and forth and chat from our computers.  It’s spelling and typewriting.  🙂

8.  Disney is issuing a full refund for Baby Einstein DVD’s purchased in the past 5 years, after admitting they do absolutely nothing to boost children’s intelligence. I once had a friend who was so worried that I was wasting Victoria’s brain potential that she bought her a Baby Einstein video herself.  Bad me, I didn’t play it anyway.  We were busy reading and playing together and I kept forgetting.

9.  Anna is writing a book. It’s about a wizardry school, big surprise.  She’s on chapter 3 and it’s pretty good.  She started writing it before I told her about the Book Arts Bash, but that added to her enthusiasm.  There’s cash involved.

10.  This is our city’s police report for the month of September:

One accident
Four open doors
Two funeral assists
Two tickets issued
Two county assists
One repossession assist

Quite a month.

See you tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “10 Random Thoughts

  1. I know how you feel about the lack of enthusiasm. I think maybe its time for a vacation or something, or a change in routine.
    My son and I also do gmail, but he gets crazy with the little smilies instead of writing sentences. We also use Yahoo Messenger to message back and forth too. You can even ‘draw’ together or play games.
    .-= frootbat31´s last blog ..A walk in the park =-.


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