Letter to Self

Okay, you’ve survived Halloween.  You’ve survived H1N1, the resurge of H1N1 and a nasty head cold that tagged along the end.  You survived the art conference and the science conference and early snows and 4 sick children and a broken dryer and harvest season that never seemed to end (who knew that non-farmers would have so much to freeze, can, peel, prepare and put away?).

Winter is coming, like it or not.  You’ve got roughly 6 months of cold temps and close quarters coming.  Time to suck it up and get busy with this homeschooling business.  And housecleaning business.

So, in the morning it’s time to get to work.

Show the kids this and talk about cells and molecules and scale.  Pretty cool, huh?

It’s Day of the Dead, so do some of this stuff that Claire found.  (Thanks Claire, even though you never read my blog and won’t know I’m thanking you.)

Then read the kids some of A Little History of the World and drag out some worksheets so they get some math in.  Oh yeah, and go collect some flat leaves and finally do this craft.  And do monster flesh, if not today then really soon.  This week.

And finish all the laundry, and then for goodness sakes start going through the house with big bags and purge more for the thrift stores.  And clean like mad.  And tack down that oriental rug that looks like waves in the living room.  And then maybe think about painting the kitchen cabinets soon and the dining room and the kid room and Victoria’s room and changing the trim in the living room…

Okay, at least do most of that.

At least don’t start the day playing on the internet for hours while the children run around acting crazy and make up elaborate games that end up in arguments and bigger messes.

Really, I  mean it.

Get to work.




7 thoughts on “Letter to Self

  1. I LOVE this post – I had this conversation with myself, just last Monday in fact… and I will probably have the same chat tomorrow. In the afternoon, of course. After I’ve finished tooling around on the internet.
    .-= Karen´s last blog ..The Perfect Age =-.


  2. LOL!! My cousin Amanda sent this link to me and I love it. And yes I am sitting here on the computer as long as possible and hoping to get up before the kids are awake!


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