A Bit of What I've Been Up To!

I’ve been trying to write an article a day for my homeschooling column and my attachment parenting column at examiner.com.  It’s a lot of work but I am enjoying it.  Here’s a few of my recent articles…

Homeschool Adventures will be hosting “T-Rex Named Sue” at the Stearns History Museum in Saint Cloud on Thursday, December 17, from 10:00 to 11:30 AM…

To celebrate Geography Awareness Week next week, National Geographic is offering full size, full color wall maps to print out and assemble…

The Odysseus Group has made the entire John Taylor Gatto book An Underground History of Education available online for free. You can read chapter by chapter on the site and can also click for a printer-ready version…

Homeschool groups can provide information about getting started, types of homeschooling, legal issues, support groups, special events and lots more.  Here are some of the larger homeschool groups in Minnesota…

Actress Mayim Bialik represents a growing trend among homeschool families: blending Attachment Parenting with homeschooling…

100 ways that homeschool kids can get socialization

Want an easy way to help kids? Cheerios has pledged to donate a new book to First Book for every new Facebook fan, up to 500,000 books…

And that’s just some of the homeschool column.  I really should have my head examined, but it keeps me away from the laundry pile!

I’ll post some of the AP articles later but if you want to see a picture of me looking 12 years old, skinny and blonde from only 5 years ago, click here. Do you see how four kids will age a woman?!  🙂


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