Lucky Day

Today was Friday the 13th so I decided to make it a little extra special.  I told the kids we’d do a different fun thing every hour.

Here’s some highlights….

~ Cake for breakfast

~ A trip to the library with Dad (okay, for my kids it’s a really fun thing! They can load up on even more books to devour and they get to play on the computer there.)

~ New Sigg bottles (I turned in our beat up, old ones under their exchange program for new BPA-free ones and they just happened to arrive today)

~ Face painting (other than Victoria, the kids mostly did their own– can you tell???)

~ Pop rocks

~ Cardboard painting (this is just a fraction of the masterpieces they painted and they were so gorgeous)

~ Cake decorating (I am usually one of these all-natural, healthy moms who makes kids crazy so today was bliss for these kids!  I used stuff from the cupboards that I’d had for years!)  🙂

~ Liver experiments???  Ahem.  You may not want to look at these next pics!  I had some liver in the freezer that my fabulous friend Erica gave us last spring.  I mostly cook vegetarian but I cooked some up for Daryl tonight and asked the kids if they’d like to use a small piece for science experiments.

I reminded them how we use hydrogen peroxide to get blood stains out of things, and asked if they wanted to experiment with how hydrogen peroxide would react on a whole piece of liver.  They loved the idea and I gave them each a tiny piece of liver, a little bowl of hydrogen peroxide and a pipette.

Poor Victoria is a vegetarian and it made her a bit sick to her stomach!  She still loved doing it, though.  Science is science!

Afterwards, I let the kids experiment with dropping drops of the hydrogen peroxide right on the plate where all the liver had been and onto the blood.  Ew!  🙂  Again, very educational though!

Want to know what’s going on with hydrogen peroxide and blood?  Here’s a good explanation.  I learned a thing or two!

~ And lastly, we watched a DVD about cold blooded creatures (mostly lizards, tortoises, frogs and iguanas so far) that was delightful, beautifully photographed and very educational.  Even Alex liked watching it!

It was a really fun day!


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