Shady Drive-Inn Snapshots

After our busy day at the Petroglyphs on Monday we stopped at the Shady Drive-Inn in Storden (population over 200, thank you very much) on the way home so I wouldn’t have to cook supper.

The Shady Drive-Inn burned down a couple of years ago and the new digs are fabulous.  We loved it before but we especially love the new look.

We had all sorts of great midwestern diner food, from fried cheese curds to Wisconsin cheese soup to fried cauliflower with (you guessed it) cheese sauce and even a few non-cheese items.  The kids got pop (Alex was fooled by a pop can of water) and we all left stuffed and happy.

I had to share this picture, which looked sweet at first glimpse when I downloaded it.  Then I saw the look on my boy’s face.  He is the king of goofy looks!  🙂

Today we had a fabulous playdate at Erica’s house and then a rather horendous shopping experience in the big city of Worthington to get groceries and run a billion errands.  I developed a massive migraine that nearly downed me but we all survived.

I can’t think of a single educational thing we did today, but the girls found ice skates for a dollar and pretties at a thrift shop while the boys and I played at Erica’s.  Alex got to play with his little buddy Oliver and big brother Clay and the Jacks got to play together.  And I got to yap with Erica and brought home truffles from the grocery store, so I guess it all turned out okay.  🙂

Now if you’ll excuse me, a certain two year old fell asleep on the way home and in my migraine-induced insanity I let him sleep, so I’m on night shift with a manic toddler.

Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Shady Drive-Inn Snapshots

  1. We love places like that. They’re so few and far between nowdays.
    I love Alex’s beautiful little silly faces. Two year old humor rocks. :o)


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