A Typical Day?

I don’t know if we’ve had a typical homeschool day in our lives and I don’t know if anything could be typical for us since it’s always different.  Today may not have been typical but it was an “us” kind of day…

  • We did a hydrogen peroxide experiment on damaged cells to test a hypothesis, which involved everything from potato slices to crushed leaves to cheese.  (Yes, I’ll write it all up and share it when I get a minute!)
  • We watched part of the “Inside the Living Body” DVD until I got too tired of Jack complaining it was boring and Anna complaining it was gross and I went upstairs to write.  🙂
  • Daryl took Jack and Victoria to the library.
  • Jack and I shot hoops in the kitchen with his new portable basketball hoop.  When Alex lost his ball we made one out of a rolled up sock.  We had many rematches and competitions.
  • Anna asked me to narrate sentences for her to write, like “I would really like a hamster.”  She wrote them in cursive and printing.
  • Victoria discovered a new blog she enjoys, which is passive aggressive notes about children.  She loves blogs like Inappropriate Parentheses, Cake Wrecks and other reader-contributed blogs.
  • Anna finished the first Harry Potter book, with much shouting and celebration.  Apparently she had never finished book 1 because she got book 2 and was too excited to finish the first.  Now that she is about to finish book 7 she wanted to go back and finish the very first book.  In any case, she’s about to be done with all of them and who knows what will fill her days and nights then.
  • I read new library books to Jack, and Anna and Alex gravitated over to join in.
  • The kids watched various PBS shows (and non).
  • Anna made potions.
  • Victoria played on a science and math site called Brain Cake.
  • The kids did chores, but not as many as they should have.  Same goes for me.  🙂
  • Daryl and Victoria drove to Windom to see “New Moon” on opening night.  Victoria briefed Daddy on the first movie on the way.  They had popcorn for dinner and Victoria came home quite happy.
  • Annalee made dinner, which consisted of fried eggs and Spaghettios.  Anna is a great short order cook and can do eggs perfectly, “sunny side up or runny side up.”
  • It’s nearly midnight and Daryl, Anna and Victoria are on the bed behind me playing Anna’s new Monopoly card game.  This is round three, since they had so much fun the first two times.

I don’t know if it’s typical and it certainly isn’t normal, but it was a good day.  🙂


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