My Grateful List: The Homeschool Version

We made a thankful tree yesterday and listed things we were thankful for on the leaves.  I’ve been paying extra attention to counting my blessings lately and thought it would be fun to do a grateful list for homeschool stuff.

Here’s a few of the HS related things I’m grateful for…

  • The library
  • Netflix
  • Homeschool Days at the Petroglyphs
  • Homeschool ice skating
  • The MAHE group in Mankato
  • Fun area homeschoolers like Erica and Nancy
  • Getting to travel during the off season
  • Impromptu science experiments at the kitchen table
  • My HS email groups
  • Challenges like those at Unplug Your Kids
  • The internet
  • State parks and nature centers
  • HS discounts at places like Barnes and Noble
  • The freedom to decide how we want to educate our kids
  • The Minnesota Homeschool Alliance
  • Long distance HS friends to visit like Tiffany & kids
  • Medium distance HS friends to visit like Lonni & kids
  • Getting to study whatever we fancy
  • Afternoons of superheroes, wizard school and other imagation-filled play
  • No dress code, no uniforms, no keeping up with what’s “in”
  • Sleeping in
  • Closeness as a family
  • Long talks
  • Lapbooking
  • Art projects
  • Conferences for the kids
  • HS pajama parties in the park

That’s just a drop in the bucket, but a certain 6 year-old boy has just come in and serenaded me on his guitar with a song he wrote for me.  I guess I’m going to sit in on a concert now.  There’s something to be very grateful for.  🙂


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