Monday's Log…

… is full of grace?  Hmm.  Nevermind.  I should never compose blog entries at 1 a.m. when I’m sleepy, particularly when I’ve had to write serious things all day.  😉

Anyway, here’s a bit of what we’ve been up to.  No pictures.  I’m too sleepy for Flickr!

  • We read “Thank You, Sarah Hale” (or something very similar) and it is fabulous.  It’s about the lady who was behind making Thanksgiving a real holiday and she was so cool!  She did so many awesome things — was the first female magazine editor, campaigned against spanking children and wrote “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” among other things.  It took her 38 years and a ton of work to finally convince a president to make the day official and the book celebrates her tenacity and her spirit with a delightful tone.  Get it.  I insist.  Even if it’s after Thanksgiving.  What a treasure!
  • Victoria made a ton of tiny homemade clay creations and painted them in bright paint.  They’re darling.
  • Alex threw bits of homemade playdough all over the kitchen, dining room and living room.  Oh, and I think he may have played with it a bit.  But mostly the first one.
  • The kids have been having tea parties with apple cider, using little souvenier dishes from various states and tiny wine glasses that Victoria got at a thrift store for pennies.
  • Anna has been writing Ms. Rowling some more.  Now that she found out about the essay contest to write an author, she’s even more into it.
  • Alex has been talking more and we’ve been trying to write up long lists of every word he knows.  I don’t know why but I’ve done that with all of my kids and I love the lists!
  • I gave the kids challenges like finding all the words they could in the words “Thanksgiving Feast” together (cooperation, tricky, eh?) and played other language arts games like the ones I wrote up here.
  • I started reading “The Witch of Blackbird Pond” to the three older kids.  It ties in nicely with learning about Thanksgiving and the puritans right now.
  • I was the highest ranking examiner for Minneapolis for part of the day today and lots of yesterday because of an article I wrote about Melissa and Doug toys being recalled in Canada, which isn’t really being written about elsewhere in the U.S. so far from what I can tell.  It was cool being up above the big boys, but a shame it was for that reason.
  • The big kids are drawing like crazy and reading like crazy, as always.
  • Daryl has been cooking with the kids every day.  Today he made pumpkin scones from an Australian recipe and then he and Victoria invented an apple scone recipe.  It was very tasty and I recommended drizzling a bit of homemade glaze on it, which added a nice little touch.  It was a good collaboration!
  • I got complimentary copies of a magazine that published one of my articles.  That was nice.  They misspelled my web site and referred people to a store instead.  That wasn’t so nice.  But the art with the article is beautiful and it’s always nice to be published.
  • The kids played, went to the library with Daddy, watched TV in all different genres (from Discovery to PBS to Sponge Bob) and played and played.
  • At one point, Alex was napping upstairs and the rest of us were all in a noisy horde in the kitchen.  We were all doing our own things but all together, and in the midst of the noise and chaos I realized it was a really nice day.

And with that, I’m outta here.  Tomorrow we’re heading to Sioux Falls to meet our fabulous friend Jeanne and her fabulous kids at the science museum and I can’t wait.  It should be a great day!


6 thoughts on “Monday's Log…

  1. Oh no! I just read your article and I have one of the Melissa and Doug toys (Cookie Set),that was recalled in Canada, waiting to be wrapped. We have the Pound a Peg as well, but we bought that back in 2004 so I think it should be okay. I guess I’ll contact Amazon to see what I should do since the recall hasn’t happened in the States. Thanks for the heads up.
    .-= Shady Lady´s last blog ..Santa believes in Hanukkah! =-.


  2. I loved The Witch of Blackbird Pond when I was a kid!

    What did you think of the Aussie pumpkin scones? Was it the Flo Bjelke-Peterson recipe? She was the wife of a former state premier (like your state governor I guess) who was famous for her pumpkin scones!
    .-= Kez´s last blog ..If I only had a brain… =-.


  3. Why yes, it WAS Lady Flo’s Pumpkin Scones! I looked up some of her bio as well to tell the kids who she was as we made them. And the scones were great!


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