10 Fun Ways We've Learned and Played Lately

It’s that time again.  I should be sleeping, or failing that I should be cleaning, and instead I’m up too late on the internet.  We’re buried in snow and not going anywhere for a while though, so I’m up with the snow and the wind and the moonlight.

Here’s a bit of what we’ve been up to….

1.  We’ve been taking walks, winter or not.  Alex loves riding in the stroller and I can usually convince a couple of other kids to come with me, too.  Bundling is the hard part, but once we’re out it’s pretty nice until our fingers freeze.  😉

Yes, this boy has a coat but you try telling him to wear it.  He’s Minnesota stock.  I saw a woman in a t-shirt and jeans running through the snow the other day.  We’re an odd lot.

2.  We got a new (to us) laptop for Daryl and the kids.  The kids haven’t had a computer to use in months (other than Victoria, who has a netbook), so they’re having a blast doing email, Webkinz and other online stuff again.

3.  Daryl’s still having fun writing his Cooking With Kids column and the kids have been doing lots of cooking as a result.  Jack made pasta and veggies with cheese sauce (with a little help from mom), Victoria made Sugar Plums (don’t you love the way he makes it sound as if he’s never met me!), they all made sugar cookies with chocolate stars and Daryl made recipes like banana bread all by his lonesome.

3.  Anna made this quirky sculpture for our yard.  🙂  I told Victoria that when she’s famous someday, that could sell for millions.

4.  Anna is writing another play.  She talks to her friend Jessie on the phone for hours about it and keeps having me audition for parts.

5.  Daryl took the kids to see Mrs. Claus and do crafts at the community center.  I was in hermit mode.  After 15 years, I still feel like the weird new kid in this tiny town and I usually put on a mask and go anyway but that day I let Daryl rescue me and take the kids himself, and I soaked in the bathtub with trashy magazines.  It was heaven.  The kids had fun too.  They made cookies, played games and even won prizes.

6.  Victoria won this harmonica at the community center and has been learning to play.  She looked up songs online and practiced into the wee hours the first night.  She’s pretty good, though after a while harmonica music will make your brain very slightly explode.

7.  I taught Victoria short division, despite the dire warnings from some woman on my examiner page.  She picked it up well, especially considering she usually reacts to math much the way syrofoam reacts to fingernail polish remover (hint: not well, but vaguely entertaining to watch).

8.  We have a couple dozen cards made and I’ve started addressing envelopes for our mass mailing soon.  How do the holidays sneak up on me this much every year?

9.  Jack has been making stores and museums, and writing up lots of signs to go with them.  I love the funny way kids spell at this age!  I worried about Victoria when she spelled like this and worried a little less when Anna did, but by now I know that spelling will work itself out as easily as reading did, just a little later (with the help of reading, talking, life and all that jazz).

(Translation:  Come to Jack’s art museum.  We’re sure you will like it so come to Jack’s.)

10. Victoria has gotten excellent at spotting punctuation errors to send in to blogs like the apostrophe error blog.  She tries to take pictures of misuses of quotation marks, apostrophes in the wrong places and stuff like that.  I’ll ask her for the links and post them.  It’s certainly a fun and easy way to learn and she’s already better at punctuation rules than most sign makers.  😉

Now a little boy has woken up and crawled into my lap so I really ought to head to bed.  I hear there’s a winter weather emergency out there.  I’m thinking tomorrow would be a good day for snow crafts.  Ooh, maybe snow snacks…..


5 thoughts on “10 Fun Ways We've Learned and Played Lately

  1. I just have to say that the very first photo practically startled me! I got a glimpse of Victoria as a grown woman in that shot. Beautiful 🙂


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