Santa had no idea….

Annalee has been writing a lot lately, so today I asked her if she wanted to do a story starter.  She was game so I gave her this one:

Santa had no idea that this Christmas would be so different from normal.

Here’s Anna’s finished story….

Santa had no idea this Christmas would be so far from normal.  First Rudolph got sick so Santa took a few flashlights and tied them to Donner and Blitzen. Then the elves said they wouldn’t work until he cleaned out his workshop!  Mrs. Claus vacuumed and dusted and swept till every lever shimmered like the Northern Star. Then Santa’s sleigh slipped down an ice hill and hit a tree!  Its red paint got chipped and the blades he used to land got bent but worst of all the presents got lost!

The elves were too busy working to notice the crash.  Mrs. Claus was too busy baking, cooking and making sugar plums to hear him yell.  What would Santa do?

All the way in London a girl called Sara heard him because of Christmas magic.  Sara called her best friend Jess, ho called her friend Mariah and soon all the kids in London knew.  They went in sleds, on skates and even hang gliders.  Soon they all reached the North Pole.  They helped fix the sleigh and found all the gifts.  Soon they helped deliver the gifts and thanks to them Christmas was saved!

The end

I love it.  🙂

For more December-themed story starters, click here.


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