Snow Day

Today was a lazy day.  I missed the health food coop’s Christmas party for the board meeting because of the snow but I didn’t mind.  I like being trapped by the weather and forced to do things like make cookies and then make more cookies (especially with such gleeful small cooks!) and play.

Here’s a bit of what we did today…

  • Victoria baked a cake from scratch, using a recipe she got on  It was well reviewed.  It should not have been.  It was the strangest cake I’ve ever tasted.  Poor dear.  I told her it tasted like deep fried pudding.  🙂  Butter flavored, deep fried pudding.  I tried to say it in the nicest possible way, and tried not to laugh too much.  It really was the freakiest cake ever!  She laughed too, but was also sad that it turned out so, so strange.  My poor girl is going to make another cake tomorrow, this time from one of my recipes.
  • Daryl and Anna made these Scottish cookies with a history.  I took pictures and couldn’t get over how grown up and beautiful my girl is getting.
  • Then Daryl and Alex made them the authentic way with caraway seeds, toddler version.  I took pictures and smiled and smiled.  Alex was just so gleeful and cute.
  • Anna wrote songs.  Surprised?
  • Anna and Victoria talked on the phone with friends for hours.
  • We all cleaned the whole downstairs to make it pretty for the holidays.  Then the kids destroyed the whole downstairs while I was watching “The Mentalist” with Daryl upstairs.  It was epic.  It involved copious amounts of styrofoam peanuts, pieces of a large destroyed box, couch cushions, a world globe and a basket of laundry, just to name a bit.
  • I’d tell you more but Alex just woke up sad so I’m off.  You’ll have to guess the rest!

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