12 Things, No Pics

Today we…

  1. Played Apples to Apples Junior.
  2. Got all excited about these lego possibilities.
  3. Made insanely tasty Swedish thumbprint cookies (and ate them ALL, except for the two that are next to me and doomed in the next seconds).
  4. Learned about Ratite birds.  Don’t ask me, it was between Victoria and Daddy.  I’m not even sure they’re not just making it up.
  5. Played caveman games on the ancient Nintendo (Saber Chase, Mate Toss and Dino Vault) and learned how to clean the contacts with diluted alcohol.
  6. Put up with Daryl telling stories about the lingonberry harvest his grandfather Olaf went through where he had to fight off the lingon bears, all in an over-the-top Norwegian accent.
  7. Listened to Anna sing songs that she and her friend Jessie composed together.  Victoria’s favorite is The Life of a Bachelorette.
  8. Read a bit.  Victoria is reading “The Restaurant at the End of the Universe” by the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy author Douglas Adams and Anna read “Pippi on the Run.”
  9. Did crafty stuff.  Anna made God’s Eyes, Jack made awesome miniature magic wands out of toothpicks and fancy beads, and Victoria started a plastic canvas frog for our friend Nancy but gave up in the absence of green yarn — with much annoyance at her mother for not stocking green yarn or taking her to stores to buy it, I might add.  Or as much annoyance as Victoria summons, which is not nearly as much as some children I know who just might be driving me a bit batty lately.
  10. Did a fairly impressive amount of laundry.
  11. Signed up for Westward Ho!
  12. Watched “Madagascar and various bad television programs of no educational merit whatsoever.

It was just right for a snowy Sunday in December.

Now I’m off to snuggle a 6 year-old boy with lots of picture books way past bedtime.  Happy Monday!


2 thoughts on “12 Things, No Pics

  1. I’d like to request the lyrics for The Life of a Bachelorette.

    And, yep, we had one of those days filled with non-educational TV, too, and a lethargic, feverish boy to go with it.


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