10 pics of life here lately:

A few shots taken by Victoria….

And lest things look too sweet and peaceful, this is what I came down to after I made the mistake of watching TV with Daryl while the kids played the other night!

Ah well.  It cleaned up!

(Do you know how hard it is to post THAT picture?!)

Talk about full disclosure!  🙂


Latest nifty site I found: TeuxDeux for making easy to-do lists (view the video!)

Latest HS article: Magazines that publish kids’ writing

Daryl’s latest Cooking With Kids recipes:

Snowflake Quesadillas

Dr. Abernathy’s Scottish Biscuits (cookies)

Dr. Abernathy’s Biscuits, Toddler Style (this one especially makes me smile!)

Last catastrophe:

Alex ran face-first into the door jamb to Victoria’s room right before bedtime.  The poor boy has a cut above his eye and a swollen eye and cheek.  Only my little guy would run full-on into a wall with his face!

Poor little sweetie.


Percentage of my children who now believe in Santa Claus: 75%

(Jack has doubts too,

but Anna will happily believe for all of her days.)


3 thoughts on “Snapshots

  1. Yikes! Poor Alex! I hope he’s not in much pain today 🙂

    That messy picture is awesome. Looks very familiar, somehow …

    I’ve got that same Willow Tree figurine. I love those things.

    I read your article about the magazines that publish kid’s writing. Sayer enjoys making up stories, and does occasionally write them down and illustrate them. I guess I’ll just have to wait patiently until she’s 8 to share them with a wider audience 🙂

    Sayer believes in Santa, though not the way most kids believe. We’ve told her that Santa is the spirit of giving, and that he lives in all of us. When we do something nice or buy a gift for someone, we’re letting the Santa-spirit in us come out. In essence, we get to BE Santa. So she knows Santa is real, but she also knows that I’m Santa, or Daddy is Santa, and that she can be Santa, too. She had a great time using her ‘share’ money to be Santa for two girls whose tags she pulled from a tree in our bank. 🙂

    Duncan has heard (and participated in) those Santa conversations, but at not-quite-four, for him, Santa is still a person.


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