Hotel School!

We had another winter storm and got trapped in Mankato.   Stuck in a nice hotel that’s giving us a big discout, with a pool and hot tub, down the street from a mall and thrift stores?   I can live with that!

Here’s a few ways we’re sneaking in some homeschool…

  • We went to a thrift store this morning and Anna had her arms full of little things she was going to buy.  She had a handful of change and I told her to count it out to be ready for the total and she said she had already.   She had added all of the items up and figured out tax.  She was right, down to the penny!
  • We get copies of USA Today newspapers each day and the back page has a full color US map with weather forecasts.  The states aren’t listed but major cities are.  I challenged each girl to fill out the maps with as many state names in the right places as possible.  They’re still working on them and doing well.
  • I picked up some wonderful picture books at a thrift store, including one about what shapes different exotic animals are in and an ABC book about Germany.
  • The kids got fabric scraps for Christmas from Grandma and have been designing a billion outfits for new Webkinz they got from their aunt and uncle.  The outfits are really cute!
  • Jack got some new books and has been reading them.  Anna used some of her Christmas cash to buy the 7th Harry Potter book (her goal is to own all 7 and this is her first) and she’s been reading it AGAIN.  Victoria brought a Paddington book that she read the first night and has gone through all my magazines but badly needs some new books to devour.  Next time at the thrift store…
  • Swimming and mall walking — PE!  🙂

That’s a bit of the fun we’ve been having.  We got to do the mall with Lonni and her kids yesterday and it was a blast.  There’s nothing like hanging out with fun HS friends in the middle of the day at the mall on a snowy January day.  Daryl even took me out to lunch at the Olive Garden yesterday while Grandma watched the kids at the room.

The roads are horrible and many are closed.  We plan to come home tomorrow.  We’ll see.


7 thoughts on “Hotel School!

  1. Enjoy the break!
    There used to be a great little coffee shop in Mankato called the Coffee Hag. It was a college hang-out with lots of games, books, magazines, etc. My kids were so little then, so it might be gone, but it was so fun to hang out there while we were stuck in Mankato for a couple of days!
    .-= Barbara´s last blog ..Frozen Dreaming =-.


    • Oh yes, I know the Coffee Hag! I did two poetry readings there way back when, both with my friend Val. One was called “Wine in a Box” and one was called “Lucy’s Attic.” Those were the days. I was so full of angst. 🙂


  2. Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Alicia! Sounds like fun to be snowed in near thrift stores. I love the thrift stores in Mankato. Roads still don’t sound good near you – still closed in and around Yankton.


  3. What great ideas. We travel a lot and I never thought of using the map in the back of the paper. I’m definitely going to borrow that one. I also loved the thrift store shopping. What a great way to work on real life math.
    Thanks for the post.
    .-= Robin´s last blog ..Axis and Allies =-.


  4. We did a fair bit of maths while we were on holidays – Billy kept wanting to spend his pocket money at the local shop (mainly on lollies – the ‘3 for 20c’ loose type and ice-blocks). There was lots of counting, adding and budgeting – amazing how he would go for the cheaper ice-block when it was his money but the dearer one when it was mine 🙂
    .-= Kez´s last blog ..Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes… =-.


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