10 Homeschool Things I Want to do This Week

We’re finally back home.  We got back yesterday and the roads were mostly fine.  Something is wrong with the furnace and we now have one very warm floor and one very cold floor (guess which one I’m staying on!) until we can get someone to look at it tomorrow.  It’s good to be home nonetheless, mess and weird temps and all.  🙂

Here’s 10 things I’d like to do with the kiddos this week.

  1. Finish “Wright on Time: Utah.”
  2. Hit at least one library and load up with a billion great books to cuddle up with and devour.
  3. Help each child write a book review for B&N or Amazon.
  4. Start learning about Spain, find some fun Spanish crafts or videos, and have our Spanish feast.
  5. Finish the stock market project I wrote about here.
  6. Paint with yarn and tempera paints.  Toddler and all.
  7. Do daily math lessons via email or their HS notebooks.  A certain 10 year old cutie in Nebraska has been emailing me for more fun math problems, too, so perhaps I’ll write up some more colorful, silly work problems and such for the whole lot of them.  (Holler if you want me to post an example page of these.)
  8. Dream up a really fun science experiment.
  9. Play at least one educational game like “The Scrambled States of America” or “Bailout!“.
  10. Write thank you notes for the Christmas presents we got this week.

I also want us to play in the snow, work on our 100 fun things to do in winter list, get some housework done, try making bagels with the kids again, make no-knead bread again and generally have fun and enjoy each other’s company.  Winter is the perfect time to slow down and really just be, and I want to make the most of it.

What are your goals for the week?


4 thoughts on “10 Homeschool Things I Want to do This Week

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  2. My main goal is to get us outside to enjoy these fab temperatures–being above freezing for this long in January is a real treat! So we’ll be doing lots of walks, and perhaps visiting some nature areas (Bird Sanctuary and the like). Also this week both boys have Sportball, we’ve got THREE dental appointments, and we’re off to see Seymour the Stegosaurus (children’s theatre) on the weekend. And I have my first yoga class (yes! I signed up again!) Thursday night. Should be an awesome week!

    PS I’d love to see the math problems you are sending to Jessie.
    .-= Risa´s last blog ..Tracks in the Snow =-.


  3. Wow! You’ve got a busy week planned. My main goal this week is to shift Princess’ sleep schedule so she can wake up early enought (8am) for the classes she wants to take. We are also going to begin our Mexico exploration in preparation for our trip to Cancun. 🙂
    .-= Shady Lady´s last blog ..Mexico Exploration =-.


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