1. Finish “Wright on Time: Utah.”
  2. Hit at least one library and load up with a billion great books to cuddle up with and devour.
  3. Help each child write a book review for B&N or Amazon.
  4. Start learning about Spain, find some fun Spanish crafts or videos, and have our Spanish feast.
  5. Finish the stock market project I wrote about here.
  6. Paint with yarn and tempera paints.  Toddler and all.
  7. Do daily math lessons via email or their HS notebooks. (So far, so good)
  8. Dream up a really fun science experiment.
  9. Play at least one educational game like “The Scrambled States of America” or “Bailout!“.
  10. Write thank you notes for the Christmas presents we got this week.

Today was a lovely day.  We had to make a trip to Worthington for groceries and a million errands.  Anna decided to stay home and I’m always amazed how calm and quiet it is with any 3 kids as opposed to all 4.  🙂

We got a ton of library books and I picked out a novel for Victoria called “Side Effects” (I believe) about a teenage girl with cancer.  It looked good and she reluctantly added it to her pile.  She’s finished it already and really enjoyed it.  The 15 year old heroine is delightfully real and it sounds like she had a warm sense of humor despite her awful situation.  I have no idea how it ended but Victoria gives it a thumbs up and  has moved on to the next novel.

Jack checked out Magic Schoolbus books and has most recently been reading about the inside of Ralph’s body.  Jack LOVES Magic Schoolbus stuff.

Alex was partial to a board book called “Noisy Kisses.”  There are flaps and buttons and silliness.  My boy loves all three.

For dinner, we had pierogies with peppers and onions, plus assorted veggies.  I pulled out sliced red, yellow and green peppers from our endless freezer bag from the Worthington farmer’s market last fall.  It makes me happy every time I use those peppers.  I know the Laotian gentleman who sold those peppers, and I paid 1/10th what they’d cost at Walmart — where they’d be shipped from who knows where.  I bought tons every week and Daryl would wash and prep them and I’d flash freeze them and then bag them up.   Despite cooking with those peppers several times a week, we never seem to run out of bags of them.   It’s crazy how I love those peppers.

It was a good day.  We were even above zero!  😉


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