Homeschool Done, Homeschool To Do

Done today:

Read fun books with Jack
Read science/body book with Jack
Played HyperDash with Jack
Victoria wrote a letter, I proofed it
Vitamins and supplements to all the kids
Victoria researched patents and inventions
Anna read (she’s sick today)
Jack read on his own
Various people read to Alex
Daryl taught Anna to play the ukulele
Jack, Victoria and Anna drew

To do:

Read more of Wright on Time: Utah to all
Tricky fraction math with Victoria
Chocolate chip math with J,V,A
Give the kids new story starters
Have V write book review
Show kids this and see how good they can get at it (I SUCK at mideast geography!  I didn’t even know a couple of those WERE countries!  Eek)
Work on our suncatcher


3 thoughts on “Homeschool Done, Homeschool To Do

  1. The suncatcher is very cool!
    I did the map game, too. Oy! I didn’t realize my geography was so bad. I did better with the northern part of Africa than the rest of the area.
    Thanks for the link. 😀


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