One Book, Two Girls' Perspectives

Anna and Victoria both read the young adult novel “Side Effects” the other day (yes, they each take less than a day to read a novel!).   I asked them to write a book review each and I thought it was interesting what different perspectives they had on the same book.

Here’s their reviews.


This book is about a 14 1/2 year old girl with cancer.  It shows not only how lucky we are and we should be nice to those who are sick with cancer but has emotional points that will make you want to cry.  I recommend this book for girls 10 and up.  You might want to know it involves swearing.


“Side Effects” is a book about a fifteen year old girl who is diagnosed with cancer.  It is an extremely funny book.  I liked it because it looks at a horrible thing like cancer with a funny, sarcastic feel.  I would recommend it for girls 11 to 16.  It has swearing in it, but it is appropriate.  I loved it.

Read reviews from other kids at Barnes and Noble (where it has 5 stars out of 5 and the reviews are most often titled “Amazing”).  I noticed there were very different takes on the reviews by kids there too!  It seems to be unanimously liked, though.


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