Quick Science Fun

We’ve done several neat things on the science front here lately.  Here’s one of them….

Daryl has a temperature gun (technically an “infrared remote thermometer”) he got on Ebay for about $30 and it’s been a consistent source of fun and education.  We’ve done experiments in the summer with it (What’s the difference between the temperature in the shade and in the sun?  Is it hotter in various parts of the yard?), with body parts (what’s the difference in temperature between your forehead and your feet?) and lots more.

This week, Alex has been using it to play with the kittens.  🙂  It has a red laser to show what you’re pointing at, and he runs through the house pointing it all over the place while the kittens chase it.  It also makes a satisfying beep with each reading!

We’ve also used it to find the chimney behind the wall, compare the temperature in various parts of the house, scan across the room and see how the temperature fluctuated and to see how cold our unheated back porch got.

Here’s an example of one.  I highly recommend them for fun scientific toys — I mean instruments!  😉

(Daryl says to search for “non-contact thermometer” to find most of them and to be sure it takes standard batteries and has a good range of temperatures.)

These are also great gifts for that hard-to-shop-for hubby who has everything but loves gadgets, BTW!


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Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to move the very heavy toddler out of my arms, make potato soup and biscuits, see if Annalee is ever coming home from her friend’s house and play with some kiddos.  🙂


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