Back From the Grandparents

We went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house twice this week, once to help celebrate Grandpa’s 80th birthday and then again to bring him our sweet garage cat for a birthday present.

Mama Cat moved herself and her kittens into our garage last summer.  She was so wild she’d flash to the end of the block if we even stepped out of the house.  The kids brought her food and earned her trust, and she became a loyal, loving family member.  One of her kittens disappeared last fall but the other two became new pets.  Mama Cat probably would have moved into the house too, except for the fact that she and our male cat, Pepper, tried to kill each other every time they got within 50 feet of each other.  Pepper has never attacked anyone else and Mama Cat is as meek as a mouse, but they became a bloody, snarling mass of angry cat if they got a chance to attack each other.  So Mama Cat was a basement cat and we all had to be super careful we never left a door open an inch for fear of one of them searching out the other and going at it again.

So Grandpa gets a new cat.  Mama Cat will have to be an outside cat, but Grandpa has always loved cats and spoils them as best as he can in the big garage.  He brings them inside and holds them on his lap to pet them and loves them up.  She’ll be spayed and taken care of.

The kids have accepted it but are very sad.  Mama Cat rode on my lap and Victoria’s for the 2 hour drive and never made a single sound.  She just looked terrified.  When we got there, Daryl carried her towards the garage and she leapt out of his arms and into the garage and would not appear for us again.  In the morning, a bit of food was gone and we knew she couldn’t have escaped, but the kids will have to wait until next time to try to see her again.

Despite that sadness, we had a good trip.  The kids played in the attic, we got to hit a thrift store and we went to homeschool swimming.  We’ll go back soon to visit Mama Cat (and Grandma and Grandpa).

Here’s a few pics….


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