Our Map of Travels

I saw this map at Traveling Jews and thought it would be fun to do one showing where our family has visited.  This is just for the kids, since my own map would be mostly red (I’ve been everywhere in the US except Texas, Hawaii and Alaska).  We’re 24% of our way through the country!  It will be fun to try to click through more states.  🙂

visited 12 states (24%)
Create your own visited map of The United States


6 thoughts on “Our Map of Travels

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  2. Isn’t it neat? I realized afterwards that it’s really different for each of my kids. Victoria’s map would also have North Dakota and Kansas, since she visited those states while staying with different families. Jack wasn’t born yet when we went to New Mexico and Alex wasn’t around for North Carolina or California either.

    I suppose I could let each child make his/her own state map for fun!


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