Wordless Wednesday

You know me.  Wordless could hardly be used to describe me.  😉  But here’s less words for Wednesday!

This picture sums up our week so far… nails decorated by my marvelous 11 year old, reading our Revolutionary War diary to the girls.

I’ll post more about the book when I’m done, but the girls and I are really loving it.  It is intense and sad and brutal at times, but it’s also realistic and enjoyable.  Most important, we’re really getting a feeling of living near Valley Forge during the Revolutionary War and we have all been left with such a humbling, awestruck sense of thanks and admiration for what people went through to form this country.

There have been other W’s too, like Webkinz (I love Quizzy’s Corner), and V’s like Valentines and even more letters, but I will have to mention them later.  Ice cream awaits, and I’ve earned it!  🙂


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