11 Shots

Alex and I are up late and he’s sad, so I’m going to make this quick.  Here’s eleven shots of life here lately, typed with a boy in my arms.

Keywords (in no particular order):  Spanish feast, the Macarena, random fridge notes, even more random fridge art (Sweetie, firstly — better spell-check businessmen, secondly — fun cartoons, and thirdly — what on earth????), art, art, more art, Daddy’s tools, toddler mega-messes (also known as too many books) and research online.

I think that should cover my full disclosure posts for a month.  😉


4 thoughts on “11 Shots

  1. Yeah, the sad thing is that this is just a fraction of our books! There are book shelves in each of the kids’ rooms that are filled with books too, a homeschool bookshelf of teacher books in the dining room, and a built in book shelf 3 rows deep in the hall. Not counting hubby’s books in our bedroom and the basement….

    I have a serious book addiction. 🙂 This is despite giving away boxes and bags every month. There are just so many wonderful books.


  2. Haha! “No escaped convicts”
    Hahahaha again!
    And yay for balding businessmen! I’m sure they’re highly underrated. ;o)
    Thanks for the silly and random. Always the best stuff!


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