Ten Fun Ways We've Learned and Played Lately

Here’s a bit of what we’ve been up to the past few days!

1.  We had a family Valentine’s Day party…

2. The kids and I have been trying out the free Zeus’ Petals multiplication game you can play online.  It’s simple fun and recommended. (Note to authors:  look up “despair” though.)

3.  Jack has been reading this wonderful anime style book about the periodic table of elements…

4.  Victoria has been playing this physics game where you have to blow up buildings with your blasts in just the right spot depending on the structure.

5.  Anna has been blogging copious amounts on her new Harry Potter blog.  She also disappeared to her friend Addie’s house all day yesterday because the school kids had a snow day.

6. Jack, Victoria and I went outside and played in the snow with colored water in squirt bottles.  Victoria and Jack had a colored snowball fight and we left quite a colorful mess.   Underneath Jack’s mountain of snow is my poor car.  🙂

7.  We’ve been building new solar systems here, although I have a habit of destroying my planets in new and different ways.  😉

8.  We’re still reading our Revolutionary War diary.  The girls and I will have to find a new read-aloud after this one ends, because we really have been enjoying it.  They usually do something else while I read, and never want me to stop.

9.  Alex, Jack and Anna played with snow and squirt bottles inside.  Alex was happy for over an hour with this activity, which is amazing for my little guy!  He ended up with nothing but colored water twice, and I refilled with new snow.  This is definitely a keeper activity for us.  We’ve played with snow inside since the girls were little, but never with spray bottles (I envisioned the house covered in colored water!).  I couldn’t believe how careful even Alex was to only spray his snow.

10. We celebrated Pancake Day with pancakes for supper (along with several foods that in  no way go with pancakes, but oh well!).

Other things we’ve done lately include watching the Olympics, reading tons of books, watching a bird DVD, having long talks, drawing cartoons, figuring out LCM’s and GCF’s, reducing fractions, cooking, making marshmallow creatures, inventing hot milk drinks, drawing awesome pictures, watercolor painting, writing emails, talking on the phone with friends, making career plans, taking pictures, doing photo editing (Victoria has made some awesome computer generated art from photos and editing software!), writing songs, practicing the guitar, playing ball, playing cars, adding fractions with different denominators, playing on Webkinz, doing short division…

Though I’d swear we haven’t done a thing!  🙂


8 thoughts on “Ten Fun Ways We've Learned and Played Lately

  1. I really like the look of the photo collages. Man, you have been busy!! Vivian is going to love the solar system link. Thanks!
    I put the book on my wish list at Amazon. It’s perfect.
    You rock!


    • I love the collages too! I have been playing with Picasa and Victoria showed me how to make them. 🙂

      With the solar system link, see how many planets you can successfully keep going. Usually if you add a sun, they all get destroyed, but Daryl found a way to use two sons and several planets and position it just right. It’s a pretty fun way to learn about gravity and orbits and such!


  2. To make collages, go into Picasa (the downloaded version, not sure what you can do online) and open your album. Click on the photos you want to include and hold the control button to add more than one at a time. Click on hold for each set and you’ll see those pictures at the bottom left corner. When you have all the ones you want, click on collage and it will ask if you want a grid or a pile or what. The piles are tricky in my version (V has a later version that’s easier) so I do the grids. That’s it! Then just save it where you want it.

    Note: it will need square numbers of pictures like 16 or 25 obviously, so if you don’t pick that number of photos it will randomly duplicate some. Pick that many photos to avoid duplicates.



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