In the Next Week…

I want to:

1.  Make this

2.  Read a billion new wonderful library books with the kids.

3.  Watercolor paint indoor snowmen.  Then put them outside again.

4.  Make homemade ricotta cheese.

5.  Finish cleaning the whole downstairs.  It’s looking so pretty.  How did that happen?

6.  Start a new Dear America book with the girls.

7.  Read at least 5 books a day to each boy, just one-on-one.

8.  Do the foaming experiment.

9.  Start a poetry unit.

10. Do some really fun art.

11. Keep up with math.

12. Get us all more exercise.


4 thoughts on “In the Next Week…

  1. OH! I wanna make that too!! That is so completely cool. 😀

    What age range would you say the Dear America series is geared for? Is it something Viv(6) and I could read together?


  2. Samantha, It would definitely work as a read-aloud for that age. Jack is 6 and he listens sometimes. They can get harsh though, and kids may not be up for some of the realities in the books. In ours, for instance, there were hangings, amputations without anesthesia, children who fell through the ice and drowned, etc. The soldiers’ lives were brutally hard, and they didn’t cover that up. I was glad, because I didn’t want a whitewashed version of history. It really made us appreciate our patriotic forefathers and foremothers and what they went through, KWIM? But younger kids may not be ready for that sort of thing.

    It really depends on the child, I think! Anna (10) can be very sensitive but she loved it. Victoria (11 1/2) is pretty mature and tough, and she loved it. Jack (6 1/2) gets saddened by death and left the room when I read it several times because he didn’t want to hear it.

    Other books in the series might be different, too. They have all different authors, I believe.


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