Random Education

Here are three rather odd educational links for you!

First, if you haven’t paid enough attention during CSI and are not up on your skull anatomy, this cute little program will quiz you on the parts of the skull from various angles (left click to reveal what each part is called).

(Accompanying random bit of trivia:  I once got in an argument with a CSI producer over whether my little girls should be allowed to sit in on a speech he gave in our little town.  Yes, a CSI producer has not only been to our little town but he keeps coming back and he helped the high schoolers make a movie last time AND I got to argue with him!  PS  My girls stayed and learned stuff.  Okay, Victoria learned stuff and Anna fell asleep.) 😉

Second, here’s the most unusual way to learn about Venn diagrams that I bet you’ve seen in a while.  The Denzel Washington Venn diagram of movie roles.  It’s very well done, you must admit!  I want to challenge the kids to help dream up equally bizarre things to chart now.

Lastly, this little website from Cal Tech promises all sorts of nifty science stuff for kiddos (and parents).  It promises puzzles, games, glow in the dark animals, infrared hide and seek, irrelevant astronomy and more!  I haven’t had a chance to look around much yet so let me know if you find anything fabulous!


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