Beautiful Blogger Award

In Need of Chocolate and A Hundred Happy Things have sweetly awarded me the Beautiful Blogger Award.  I love checking out the neat stuff at both blogs and am very honored!

I am supposed to post 3 blogs that I’ve discovered lately that I think are great.  Okay, originally it was 15 or so, but some folks are going with 3 lately and that sounds much more manageable to me.  🙂

Here’s 3 that are new on my blog radar that I’ve really been enjoying, for all different reasons.

Muse Mama

Educating Risa (Okay, not really new to me, but she needs an award!)

Life on Planet Earth

I am also supposed to tell 7 things about myself, so here goes…

  1. I’ve had over 100 poems published, but haven’t submitted anything since before I had kids.
  2. I’m a natural blond but I henna my hair.  I can’t imagine not being a redhead at this point.
  3. My mother hid me from my father after she divorced him when I was two.  He died when I was 18 and I found out later that he never stopped looking for me.  He was an artist with red hair.
  4. I had a dozen miscarriages before I had my kids.
  5. I’m 4’11” (and a half).
  6. When a gunman opened fire from a rooftop at the University of Kentucky when I was a student there, my mother called me and told me “This is not an excuse to cut class.”
  7. I spontaneously break into made up songs while cooking supper.

11 thoughts on “Beautiful Blogger Award

  1. Wow – my first blog award! Such an honor coming from you. I started my blog Life On Planet Earth a couple of months ago as a Vision Blog (rather than a Vision Board). My husband and I are just starting our adoption journey from Eastern Europe and we will be adopting 1 or 2 children with special needs in the 1-3 age range. We hope to have our child(ren) home by the end of this year. We’re Life Learners and as part of my research and envisioning what family life will be like, I never miss a post at Magic and Mayhem and I also subscribe to your Mankato homeschooling articles. I learn so much from your family! Thank you so much for the nod.
    .-= Life On Planet Earth´s last blog ..I couldn’t have said it better myself =-.


    • I’ve really been enjoying looking around your blog and love your compilations of links and the stuff you post. I can’t wait to read about your adventures as your parenting journey begins. What lucky children. 🙂


  2. Samantha, I don’t want to rehash most of what would go in a book. My past makes for some interesting stories but most of it wasn’t much fun! 😉 Besides, I really had a pretty bizarre childhood and I doubt people would even believe most of it.

    Also, I have two books I’ve been putting off for years that have priority. First, of course, is “A Magical Childhood,” which I’ve restarted a hundred times. Second is a book of poetry chronicling my years of miscarriages and then pregnancy and motherhood. I wrote poetry during all those years of miscarriage and then that long, scary pregnancy with Victoria when I tried not to get my hopes up and imagined her, all the way to now. I’m a pretty open person and the miscarriage poems are pretty raw (sometimes drunken, sometimes tearful, sometimes bitter, sometimes introspective…) and I think it’s a pretty cool poetic timeline. Someday, I’ll get to that too. Hopefully!


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