10 Fun Ways We've Learned and Played Lately

Here’s a bit more of what we’ve been up to!

  1. Victoria has been drawing wildflowers she found in the Minnesota Conservation Volunteer magazine.  They’re lovely!  She gave me a picture of a lady slipper because she said she thought it would remind me of spring.  🙂
  2. Daryl read Jack a picture book about St. Patrick’s Day that included the history of the holiday and Irish immigrants in America.
  3. The kids watched a documentary about Andrew Jackson.  Among the facts they taught me:  he loved to write but was a terrible speller, he hated paper money (and ended up on the $20 bill) and all about how he got the scar on his face, his famous duel and his wife’s first husband.
  4. Victoria continues to write in her journal in Viking runes.  Since they didn’t have all the letters we have, she has to be really creative in how she words things.
  5. The girls have been playing on Horseland.
  6. Jack has been playing lots of physics games online (link last week, I’m too lazy to look it up again!).
  7. Victoria read “Dear Mr. Henshaw” and started “The Spiderwick Chronicles.” Anna read “The Spiderwick Chronicles” and is reading something that escapes me.  There are lots more but those are the only ones I remember.
  8. We joined the 100-Books-a-month challenge and I’ve started a log of the books so I should be better at telling what books we’ve read.  🙂
  9. I dreamed up this fabulously fun drawing craft with our electric griddle.  It’s probably been done a million times but it was new to me and the kids all loved it.  It made a bit of a mess but even I liked doing it!   I’ll post a tutorial soon.                              
  10. Daryl and the kids have been doing Readers Theater plays, including one about the Boston Tea Party, one about an earlier folktale like Cinderella and an old English story called “Master of Masters.”

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