Anna Recommends…

The Spiderwick Chronicles

“This  book is about a family who moves from their apartment in a big town to an old house in the country.

When they find a old field guide in the Attic they started to wonder if the things in Arther Spiderwick’s field guide were real.

They find out about a secret room on the second floor that was only known to them.

This story is cool and funny.”


3 thoughts on “Anna Recommends…

  1. Thanks for the review! I’ve seen these books and wondered about them – for years! Never did pick them up for myself, even though I’m very happy to read ‘young adult’ fiction 🙂 Always figured I’d get to them with Sayer, eventually. I think, now, that eventually might come sooner rather than later …


  2. It’s actually a very quick read too! The book is small and Anna read it in next to no time. Victoria checked it out, Anna snuck upstairs with it, and by the time Victoria found out her book had been snatched Anna had already read the whole thing. 🙂


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