Recess Is Not For Slackers

Egads.  I’ve tried to get through this article four times and every time I get through a few more paragraphs I start ranting to the cat.

And for the record, I am not the type to rant to cats.  Hubbies, kids, friends, message lists, yes, but I have to be pretty annoyed to go off on the pets.

What do you think?


6 thoughts on “Recess Is Not For Slackers

  1. Hate the compulsory aspect of it. Think having someone to supervise recess, help kids start and join in activities if they want to might have merit for some schools and some kids. Sad but true that not all kids know how to play, get along etc. But forcing kids to stop chatting to their friends and forcing them to play hopscotch etc. No way. I though tthat was what gym class was for.


    • Yeah, if the problem is that there’s bullying going on then they need to stop that. If the problem is that kids need more activities then they need to *offer* those. If the problem is that the kids are obese because they get no exercise then they need to bring back PE class. But to make kids “play” your arbitrary games, like it or not, during the tiny bit of down time they have all day is just sad and wrong.


  2. It’s only the fact that kids are forced to participate that bothers me. As an option, I think it is a great idea, especially for kids stuck with a crappy playground like that one. But the idea that adults need to manage EVERY minute of kids’ days is disturbing. On the other hand, this is a generation that in many ways does not know how to amuse themselves, and has been kept “entertained” and “edutained” from day 1. As a former teacher, I can understand where the school is coming from–they’ve just got the solution to the problems they’ve been having at recess just plain wrong.
    .-= Risa´s last blog ..Pascal’s Triangle: Play with your math! =-.


  3. OMG, kids can’t come up with play by themselves? Is this only a problem in ps? Because as a HS’er I can tell you at the playgound on park day, our 30+kids have no problem playing all sorts of games-without adult intervention.


  4. Yah. That article is crazy. I can see why the schools feel they need to micromanage every moment of a child’s day, from what time they have to get on the freaking bus to when they are able to pee, to how many hours of homework they have to do….I guess it’s no surprise they realise they missed something and can also dictate what they do with their “FREE” time.


    ***runs around the room tugging at hair and shrieking!!!!!!!!!.***
    .-= Tiffany´s last blog ..Sunday….!! Um….. =-.


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