Lots O' Links

I just have a minute but wanted to post some links quickly.  Here’s stuff I’m using, learning — and writing lately.

  • This live owl cam is captivating!  Molly and McGee are barn owls (and pretty darn cute) and are sitting on eggs that should hatch very soon.  Very cool!
  • If you’re a crafty sort, you might love these felt doughnuts (with sprinkles!) at Skip to My Lou.  I was briefly enchanted until I realized that at my house they’d just end up covered in cat hair under the couch.  🙂

  • I am addicted to the Food Timeline!  I’ve learned so much cool information and now I want to study a zillion time periods to make the foods that go with them.  From cock-a-leekie to chess pie to Roman omlettes, I want to try so much.  And not try so much (like amonia cookies or pigeon in the hole….).

  • And more about history, I profiled a fabulous site that has crafts and books to go along with all different historic times (American and world history) here.  I really want to get into more history now.
  • Are you a mom blogger?  This new web site is offering paid columns to six mom bloggers who know the business.  Pay is $100 for a monthly column.  I know nothing about blogging for money (though I make a nice amount writing at the Examiner) but it could be a nice way for someone out there to make some extra cash.
  • Croq Zine has a page about how to use photos well in your blog here, and at the bottom are all sorts of free programs that work like PhotoShop.  A certain eleven-year-old photographer I know might want to go check them out (and I want to as soon as I finish the 18 other windows I have open).

  • I profiled my favorite art blogs and sites, plus some places to find good art supplies here.  Do you have any to add to the list?  I’d love to find some more cheap sources of good quality art supplies online.

There’s tons more, and I really want to post about all we’ve been up to (and pics!) but Daryl just got back with my giant interlibrary loan pile and I have some kiddos to round up and read fabulous books with.  More soon!


5 thoughts on “Lots O' Links

  1. Shady Lady, I think DSS is one of the ones I linked in my article. I like it too. Right now I’m not letting myself look at any catalogs until I get rid of way more clutter and use up some of our craft supplies though. 🙂

    Heather, I love the donut and have the detail bit down but we just have too much stuff to make more. LOL By the fourth kid I look at every craft as another thing to store!

    Karen, I can identify to the chandelier bit. G!


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