Wright on Time Update

I finally got the review of book two in the Wright on Time series up.  I think the series is getting more into the swing of things with this book, and it did a good job of holding our attention.  There’s more focus on “the mysterious device,” which starts doing some pretty weird stuff, so we got pulled more into the story.  We’ll definitely look for book 3 once it’s out.

The thing I hear over and over again from other HSers is the frustration that the price is too high ($12.99 for a small paperback) and no libraries carry it.  I think the reason for both is that it’s either self published or a mighty small publisher, because I saw a call for manuscripts (of fiction based on HSing I think) from the publisher and it said they had one title.  🙂  With that sort of operation, costs are just far higher all the way around.  I’d suggest to keep asking at your library and if enough people request it they may order some.  I heard from another HS mom that she got it from paperback book swap, too.

Oh, and I’ve had people ask me about religion too.  The books are secular.  The author is an unschooler and the books reflect that but never really come out and describe how the kids “school” at all, too.

Here’s the three articles I’ve written about the series and author:

An interview with Lisa M. Cottrell-Bentley of the “Wright on Time” homeschool book series

Review: Wright on Time Book One (Arizona)

NEW: Wright on Time Utah teaches kids about dinosaur digs and more

Has anybody else read the books yet?  What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Wright on Time Update

  1. I own both (bought them for the kids for Christmas) and read them both too. I really love how the parents interact with their kids and how much learning is packed into the stories. The books make me want to pack my kids up and take them across country!

    The cost per book may be a bit higher than other titles of the same size but I want to support a writer who is painting homeschoolers in such a good (and accurate) light. I’m tired of books with sassy kids, mean teachers, and dim-witted parents. I hope more books feature the same kinds of homeschoolers I’m proud to know.
    .-= Fairly Odd Mother´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday: Have a sweet St. Patrick’s Day =-.


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